3 Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Ladies, when it comes to makeup there are always new tips and tricks floating around that can take our look to a whole new level! There are days where we feel like we’re stuck in a makeup rut but using these few simple hacks will make you feel like a whole new person!

1) Do you ever feel like you’re eye shadow is unnoticeable? It can happen a lot especially if the color you’re using isn’t highly pigmented. Did you know that by priming your eyes with a white eye shadow you can make the color of your shadow pop? Because our eyelids are pigmented the color of the eye shadow can often go unnoticed because it blends in with the color of our skin but by putting on a white shadow you’ll be creating the perfect neutral base for any color you want to apply!

2) Those of us with even the steadiest hands know that doing a winged eyeliner look can be difficult. For some reason no matter how much you practice, there are still days when you’re hand can’t stay still and you’re left looking a like mess. If you’re struggling with your winged liner, it may be because you’re doing the process incorrectly. Always start by drawing the wing first and then lining your lid. Draw the wings on both sides first to make sure they come out evenly. It’s a lot easier to take your time with both wings and make sure they’re even than to try and focus on the entire eye at once. Use a credit card or a piece of tape to get the wing even, it works every time!

3) Do you have trouble covering up the dark circles under your eyes? Whether we’ve stayed up into the wee hours of the night to study or to party, certain occasions in life are bound to give us dark circles. Do you have those days where you feel like no matter how much concealer you’ve applied you still can’t seem to dodge the look of dark circles? Well, next time you’re feeling that way try this trick. Instead of putting concealer only in the under eye area, create a large triangle shape of concealer below your eye that reaches to the tip of your cheek. This will instantly create the illusion of a brighter face overall and it will cover up any under eye redness that you would otherwise miss. Makeup artists everywhere swear by this tip so make sure you try it!

What make up hacks do you use? Be sure to let us know below in the comments!


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