3 Ways to Spice up a Ponytail

When it comes to hairstyles, the most classic look to exist is the ponytail. Not only is throwing up your hair in a ponytail an easy way to keep your hair off your face on a busy day, it can also look chic and put together even when it wasn’t intended to! While a ponytail can almost seem too simple at times, there are easy ways to take it up a notch. If you’re in need of a simple and easy hair style for any occasion, from a day at school to a date night try using one of these 3 tricks to spice up your ponytail!

1) Add some volume

Adding some volume to your ponytail will automatically create a more glamorous and fancy look. You can do this by either using a bump-it which can easily be found at most accessory stores. You can also create the look by teasing your hair at the crown. Once you’ve teased your hair to the volume that you like you can smooth it over and create a ponytail guaranteed to blow everyone away. Volume always makes hair look more attractive so you can never go wrong with this look.

2) Use your hair as the ponytail

When most people think about ponytails they picture a brightly colored elastic sitting at the base of your ponytail. While a brightly colored elastic is fine in most cases, it can look juvenile at times and it’s certainly not suitable for a more formal occasion. You can combat this look by taking a piece of your hair and wrapping it around the ponytail to create a more sophisticated look. Wrap around and secure with an elastic and there you go! You’re good to go. Not only is this trick incredibly easy, it’s going to make a huge difference in the appearance of your ponytail.

3) Add a braid

Braids are so hot right now. Everyone is rocking from all the top bloggers to celebrities on the red carpet. The best part about braids is how versatile they are. Add a braid to your ponytail to set it apart from the crowd. You can do this in a number of different ways. You can create a braid in the front and bring it back into your ponytail. You can also braid a part of your hair that’s up in the ponytail. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks because there’s no such thing as the right or wrong style!

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