5 Easy Ways to Fight the Frizz

Girls, when it comes to a having a bad hair day, we all know there’s no bigger culprit than frizz. Just the thought of humidity is enough to give some of nightmares knowing the effect it will have on our hair. If an afro isn’t the look you’re going for then keep reading, you might just discover the tip that will save your hair on the next hot and humid day we experience.

1. Don’t skip the conditioner
We’re all guilty of skipping over conditioner in the shower. It’s time consuming and who wants to take the extra step on a busy morning? But did you know that using a conditioner is one of the few ways you can effectively counter frizz? The hydrating molecules in conditioner ensure that moisture stays out of your hair for the rest of the day meaning a highly reduced chance of experiencing frizz!
2. Skip the heating products
Even those of us who don’t have frizzy hair know that using frizz can cause our manes to act up. That’s because heat has an adverse effect on hair and should be avoided at all costs. Heat products might make your hair look nice for the time being but in the long run they cause irreversible damage. If you’re prone to frizz try avoiding heat products as much as you can. You’ll notice a marked difference in your hair within a few days!
3. Put your hair in a bun
After you’ve washed your hair and let it dry to almost 80% put it up in a bun for a few hours. This will allow the cuticles of your hair to lock into place and it will lower your chances of experiencing frizz throughout the day. Before putting it up in a bun add a smoothing serum to your hair to reduce the risk of frizz even further.
4. Brush your hair often
We know this one sounds counter  intuitive but trust us, it works! Brushing your hair frequently will allow your hairs natural oils to disperse throughout your hair instead of gathering at the roots. These oils will help prevent frizz from occurring because they keep your hair hydrated. But keep in mind that this tip might not apply to all hair types so try it out to see if it works for you!
5. Apply a hydrating mask once weekly
We know you’re probably tired of hearing this but hydrating your hair really does keep the frizz away. Once a week apply a hydrating mask to your hair (you can make one at home if you like!) and leave it in for 15 – 20 minutes. This will cut your chances of frizz dramatically and leave you with healthier, shinier hair.
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