5 Foods to Eat for Fantastic Skin

Ladies, we’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”. While it might not necessarily be true in a literal sense (we’ve never seen anyone turn into a burger quite yet) what you put into your body has a huge impact on your outward appearance. The food that we eat is broken down and used to fuel our bodies and provide for our nutritional needs and it shows on our face. Have you ever had those weeks where you’ve subsisted on nothing but junk food and you notice your skin becoming oily, ashen, grey etc. That’s because junk food, refined sugars, saturated fats, and oils wear our bodies down, provide no nutritional value, nutrients, or benefits to our bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables on the other hand contain dozens of fresh vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies use to keep our insides and outsides fresh and healthy. There are foods that are known to be especially good for your skin. Here are 5 foods to add to your diet for glowing skin.
1. Blueberries
Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to be amazing for your skin. They literally make your skin glow. Include a handful of blueberries in your daily diet and you will notice clearer, fresher, and healthier skin in a matter of days.
2. Honey
Honey is produced through a natural process of bees gathering pollen and nectar. These natural ingredients come together and the benefits they contain for your skin are amazing. Honey is known to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles as well as other signs of aging, it’s also loaded with a number of healing compounds that are known to lighten scars and prevent acne. Have a spoonful of honey in the morning with your breakfast for great results.
3. Kale
Kale should be a staple in your diet if it isn’t already. Not only is it a great food for your skin, it’s great for your body overall. Like most other green vegetables, kale contains a huge number of vitamins and minerals that are known to literally polish your skin from the inside out.
4.  Salmon
Salmon contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are a miracle product for your skin. It repairs sun damage, reduces wrinkles, and contains other healing properties. Try to incorporate salmon into your regular diet for better skin and overall health.
5. Green Tea
Green tea is great for your skin. If you drink sugary beverages then try replacing them with a glass of green tea instead. You’ll see amazing results in your skin because of the natural benefits of green tea and from the reduction of sugar in your diet.

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