A Skincare Routine Fit for the Stars

Most articles about skincare will tell you what products you should and shouldn’t be using and what’s good and bad for your skin. Most of girls already know those tips already. Yes, it’s important to drink water and yes, your diet has an impact on your skin. Between the redundant article and tips the most effective tips get lost in between in lines. Here at Brain or Beauty we’ve decided to describe what the ideal skincare routine looks like step by step. We’re hoping these more concrete do’s and don’ts will help you solve all of your skin woes!

Here’s what an ideal morning skin care routine should like:

In the morning it’s crucial to wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser. Even if you washed your face before you went to bed it’s important to wash it again in the morning to remove any residue that collected overnight while you were sleeping and to ensure that anything you missed at night is taken care of in the morning.

After you’ve washed your face slather on a moisturizer that’s sure to nourish your skin all day and top it off with a layer of sunscreen. This step is critical because it’s important to hydrate your skin at the start of the day so that it stays hydrated throughout the day. It’s also crucial to apply sunscreen because it will protect your skin from harmful rays that can otherwise cause skin damage and in some cases cancer.

If you find your eyes looking puffy in the morning after you wake up place something cold like some cucumber slices over them to reduce any puffyness or redness that might be there.

Once you’ve completed these steps you can apply your makeup and start the day with a clean an healthy face.

Here’s what you need to know about your night time skin care routine:

Your nighttime skin care routine is arguably more important than your morning routine. After you’ve spent your day at work, or at school, or with friends you’ve exposed your face to all sorts of elements. In order to combat those elements here’s what you should do.

First off, it’s crucial that you remove any make up you’re wearing before you go to bed. While it might seem difficult, trust us, it’s worth it! Otherwise the makeup will accumulate in your pores and cause acne and blackheads. It can also cause pre-mature wrinkles and that’s something none of us want to deal with!

After you’ve removed your makeup wash your face thoroughly to make sure that you get anything that’s leftover off. After you’ve washed your face use a toner. Take a cotton ball and dip it in your toner. Apply it all over your face and wipe it off. You’ll see how much dirt and gunk you’re getting off your face that would have otherwise stayed there. A toner should be a crucial part of your night time routine. Now all you have to do is apply a light layer of moisturizer and you’re done!

While following the steps in these routines might seem tedious at first they’re guaranteed to get you better skin in the long run! Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments!



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