An Easy, At Home Manicure

Getting a manicure is something us girls always look forward to. The process of being pampered at the salon, choosing the perfect nail polish color, and having pretty nails for at least a week afterwards are just a few of the joys of getting a manicure. However, it can be expensive to get a manicure each week, but there’s no need to despair. With a few simple tools, like nail clippers, cuticle oil, and some tape you can recreate the entire process of getting a manicure at home!

To start with, make sure to remove any traces of old nail polish from your nails with an acetone-free remover. While acetone gets polish off quickly, it’s very drying for your nails and the skin around them so try to buy acetone free if you can. Once the old polish is off, soak your hands in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. You can add any soap of your choice but it’s best to use one that has hydrating properties like any of Dove’s or St. Ive’s body washes. This will ensure that your hands are soft and supple. Next, use a light exfoliator around the beds of your finger nails to slough off any dead skin. After this step is complete, dry your hands and apply a generous amount of cuticle oil to your cuticles and hand cream to the rest of your hands. Push back your cuticles slightly to ensure that you have a clean and even base for applying your nail polish.

Now comes the most fun part of any manicure: nail polish! At the salon, it’s always difficult to pick the perfect shade of polish because there are so many to choose from. At home the decision is slightly easier because most of us girls don’t own thousands of nail polishes. There are a few great polishes you can invest in which will give you the most long lasting finish. Essie’s nail polishes are a staple for any girl who paints her nails. Sally Henson also makes great polishes that are salon quality and last quite a while. If you’re looking to invest in some higher end polishes, you can always try some from Chanel or from Christian Louboutin’s new line.

Once you have chosen your color, apply light strokes of polish starting from the middle of your nail and work your way outward. Make sure to apply the strokes in one direction to prevent the polish from looking messy. It’s always more difficult to apply polish on your dominant hand so make sure you go slowly to ensure that there no mishaps. After the polish has been applied, give it around five minutes to dry completely. Once it has been dried, apply a second coat. After the second coat has dried, it is absolutely essential that you apply a top coat. While a it might seem tedious, a clear top coat is what gives any manicure a salon finish. It also ensures that your manicure will last for at least a week. Once the top coat has dried, dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and use it to get off any excess nail polish that might have gotten around the sides of your fingers. 

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1 Comment

  1. I got smart and learned how to do my own manicure at home; turns out, it’s not hard at all, once you know the process and have the proper tools.

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