Crown Braids

When it comes to hairstyles, there’s probably no style that’s as romantic, soft, and pretty as the crown braid. Not only does this elegant up do manages to look ethereal, it is also extremely practical because it keeps all of your hair off of your face. The crown braid is literally perfect for any occasion. From a busy day at school or work to a night out, this is one hair style you won’t get tired of seeing anytime soon. If you want to learn how to recreate this look at home, keep reading. Here’s our simple and easy crown braid tutorial!

You won’t need much for this look other than a couple of hairbands, bobby pins, and some hairspray.

This style generally holds best on hair that’s been washed a day ahead so keep that in mind when you’re planning to recreate it.

Here’s how to get started. After you’ve combed your hair, part it down the middle and divide it into two even sections. Clip one side off so that it doesn’t get in the way while you’re working on the other side. On the side that’s not clipped, divide your hair into three sections beginning at the nape of your neck. Now french braid the hair around your head and continue to braid what ever hair is left over into a regular braid. Secure the end with an elastic. Now repeat on the other side but this time start at the top of your head instead of at the nape of your head.

When both sides are braid entirely, pin the excess braids around your head in a circular shape to replicate the crown. Loosen up a few ends here and there to make the look feel more relaxed. Spray a light coat of hair spray to make sure everything stays in place and you’re good to go!


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