Do’s & Don’ts of Dry Shampoo

What did busy gals do before dry shampoo? Magic in a bottle, dry shampoo is the best thing since liquid eyeliner, and we’re all about testing out different brands to determine the true winner of the dry shampoo. Like most things in beauty, there are do’s and don’ts to rocking this hair product. Follow these tips to ensure a fresh set of locks all season long.

Do Use for Hair Emergencies

One of dry shampoo’s greatest perks is its portability. It can be applied anywhere and in a cinch, making it the perfect tool for hair emergencies. Whether you need it to cleanse your hair of dirt and oils or to simply refresh a less-than-rosy smell, dry shampoo ought to do the trick. Keep some in yourbathroom drawer, in your work dress and in your purse for a quick fix. You’ll be glad you did once you’re caught running errands with little time to get ready before happy hour.

Do Use to Add Volume

Not only is dry shampoo ideal for fixing hair, but it’s also a fabulous tool to inject some volume into flat locks. Add some product to your roots and dry your strands in an upward motion, then use a paddle brush to add volume.

Do Use It for Updos

Dry shampoo roughens up strands, rendering it ideal for styling. A quick spritz of dry shampoo will give hair some grip, making it easier to shape your hair and keep fly-aways at bay.

Do Use On Subpar Bangs

Use dry shampoo to keep bangs looking fresh and fabulous. Ironically, the part of your hairstyle meanto spruce up your looks is also the most prone to picking up nasty dirt and oil. Dry shampoo will keep them shiny in between washes.

Don’t Wash It Out

Dry shampoo is meant to stay in hair, so don’t wash it out once applied. Follow the directions and brush through so as to remove oils and dirt.

When used properly, dry shampoo can serve as the key to a fabulous hairstyle with little time and effort. Voila! Now go forth and spritz up those locks to perfection.

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1 Comment

  1. jay nielson

    April 9, 2019 at 11:49 am

    gotta get some dry shampoo (:

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