Hair Care 101: How to Care for Extensions

Women craving long, luscious locks have long looked to hair extensions to create the illusion. While hair extensions are now as common as bangs, maintaining them is another ball game entirely. Follow these steps to ensure your hair is always in tip top shape.

Consult a professional about which brush would best suit your extensions or hair piece. Brushes with soft, natural bristles works for most types. Using fingers, regularly separate hair strands surrounding the bonds to keep locks in great condition.

It’s important to use gentle products on extensions. When putting hair up, be sure to use snag free elastics to keep knots at a minimum. Heavy workouts can wreak havoc when it comes to tangling locks. Braid hair before a gym session to ensure your extensions keep out of the way.

Extensions are a fabulous way to get the hair you want, but washing it should be approached with caution. Use gentle shampoos and take care not to pull or rub too hard. Once hair is wet, gently squeeze strands to release extra moisture.

Updos are a great way to beat the heat during summer time, but these can present a problem for extensions. Knots and buns may pull your extensions in an undesirable direction, so it’s best to visit a professional. Tools like curling irons can wreak havoc on bonds, so be sure not to ever get too close. Apply heat protection products and use moderate settings to avoid melting the glue that holds your hair together. Salt water and chlorine can also damage hair, so be sure to use a swim cap for optimal protection. Hair treatments and moisturizing conditioners can keep extensions in good condition until regular hair appointments ever 6 weeks.

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