Hair Care 101: Make Your Blow-Out Last

So you dished out your Starbucks money on a fancy shmancy blow-out. Now what? Get the most bang for your buck by making your oh-so-fabulous blow-out last all week. Tips this good will keep you looking fresh well throughout the whole year.

Pick the right style in the first place.
Do some research into your desired hairstyle. Are you being honest with yourself? The wrong hairstyle on the right type of hair can spell disaster. Opt for a full smooth blowout if you’re looking for something that requires minimal maintenance. Beach waves and straight locks are said to be super popular styles.

Name a Celebrity
Name a celebrity who gives you major style inspiration, so stylist can know which direction to take. Desired volume, smoothness, and movement on ends can all be described by the right celebrity. Bring pictures or pull one up on your iphone so there’s no mistaking what you want.

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Trust Your Stylist
You may be inclined to take charge of your hair, but your stylish is a pro for a reason. They can often recommend the best products to use for your hair type, like using root lifter for fine hair and smoothing serum if it’s thicker.

Cut Back on Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo can be powerful stuff, so it’s best to use it only when it’s needed. As with a ton of other beauty products, moderation is the key to long-lasting hair health.

Sleep With Hair Up.
Don’t be a Carrie and turn your nose up at the scrunchy. These fab little hair ties are perfect for giving your pony a bit of pizazz while you’re giving your hair a break from the wrangle and tangle of an overnight sleep. Place hair in a high, loose bun to avoid it flattening throughout your sleep. Skip elastic in lieu of scrunchies that won’t cause creases.



  1. Sarah Ginbs

    Can’t live without my monthly blowout 🙂

  2. Cary

    I am going to try to sleep with my hair up tonight…we will see how that works out for me. I will post my results later. Thanks for the tips! You gals ROCK!!!!

  3. Sandy Moor

    What should I look for in a good stylist? Because I feel like I have the worst luck with stylists lol

  4. Grisella

    Great tips!

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