How to do a Green Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are one of the most popular makeup looks of all time. The mysterious look they create is sought after by almost all one but it’s also one of the hardest looks to create. Don’t be intimidated by the numerous steps that go into creating the illusive smokey eye. Its actually very simple to achieve. While traditional smokey eyes tend to use black and grey eye shadows exclusively, try mixing up the look by using a jewel toned shade of green with a copper shade like the model in the picture. Here’s how you can get this look.

Make sure you have all of the colors you want to use out in front of you. For this look its best to have a jade green, light gold, and dark copper shade of eyeshadow. You can always use variations if you don’t have these shades available. Just make sure that the colors you are pairing will go together well! Begin by taking the lightest shade of eyeshadow you are using and fill in the entire lid of your eye.

After you’ve completed this part, move on to the crease. For the crease use a shade of shadow that is at least one – two shades darker than the shade you’ve used on your lid. By putting a dark shade in the crease, your eyes will automatically look bigger! (why doesn’t want bigger eyes?!)

Now it’s time to move on to your main shade, which in this case will be the green. Take your brush and begin applying the color lightly in a c-shape around the outer corner of your eye. Remember not to put too much shadow on the brush initially because you can always go back and put on more but if you begin with too much you will have to do the look over again.

Remember not to apply the darkest shadow to the inner corner of your eye. You want the emphasis to be on the outer corner in order to keep the look fresh. Create a cat eye shape with the darkest shadow. Once you’ve applied all three shadows blend them in very well. You don’t want harsh lines separating the three colors, you want them to blend together. Now that the shadow is done, apply a thick line of liquid eyeliner, a few coats of mascara and you’re good to go!



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