How to Master the Look of Natural Makeup

Whenever us girls hear the term “natural makeup” there’s always some confusion that goes along with it. Why would we wear make up if we wanted to look natural? This questions runs through the mind of many of us girls. After years of contemplating this questions, there’s come a point where the natural look has began to find a place of its own. For those days when you’ll be out and about during the day but still want to look made-up natural makeup is the perfect way to achieve that balance. There will always be some place you need to go that requires you to look natural without looking heavy so for those days try some of these tips.

Just because you want your makeup to look natural doesn’t mean you can’t wear foundation or a base on your skin. For a lighter look, stick to a great BB or CC cream like the ones from Smashbox or Laura Mercier. For a great drugstore alternative, try Maybelline’s BB cream. It has fantastic reviews online and it’s said to be as good as any high end variety.

After you’ve applied your BB cream or foundation, it’s time to apply the concealer. The trick to perfecting the art of natural makeup is by making your skin look great. Cover up any imperfections by using your go – to concealer. After you’ve done so, its time to move on to the finishing power. Make sure to dust on a light coat of powder to make sure that you’re makeup stays in place all day. Don’t apply the powder as heavily as you normally would for a night time look but make sure there’s just enough to do the job.

For a natural look it’s best to skip the contour but don’t forget to highlight! A slight highlight just along your cheek bones will make you look like you’re glowing for with in! This is so important especially because the rest of the look will be so light.

Now that you’re face is done apply any light or nude colored lip gloss. Because the look is natural, stick to something that closely matches the color of your own lips. You can dust on some light blush along the apples of cheeks if you feel the need but make sure it’s not too dark. When it comes to the eyes, just a swipe of mascara will do. And there you have it, you’re natural look is done!


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1 Comment

  1. SeoBasetrust

    January 10, 2019 at 11:25 am

    Isn t it cute how men can t tell the difference between a woman with no makeup and a woman with natural makeup? Who can blame them, it even happens to me! The natural look may sound like something you re born with, but it actually takes a tiny bit of work. Not too much, we promise! Here are 13 natural makeup tutorials to help you master the look.

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