How to Shape Your Brows Like a Pro

What did beauty lovers do before Anastasia Bevery Hills debuted her life-changing eyebrow kit? Aside from the perfect pout, few things can change the look of a face quite like a perfectly chiseled brow. Stick-thin brows may have been all the rage in decades past, but now, it’s all about the fluff. Follow these tips to achieve the eyebrow of your dreams.

Smaller eyes will want to make brows a little thicker, which can be accomplished by building them up a bit on top. For deep-set eyes, enlarging the space between eyes and brows is best for achieving a sultry look. Close-set eyed gals will want to widen the space between brows by plucking and extending brow ends with a special eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips
After brushing eyebrows upward, use sharp, tiny scissors to snip the brow’s longest hairs beyond the natural arch, though take care to avoid taking too much off at the outer corners. Next, brush brows downward and trim hairs below the brow line. To make tweezing a bit more comfortable, wipe brow area with astringent. The cooling effect will numb skin for a while. Also wipe with a warm cloth to open pores.

To determine where eyebrows should begin, use a lip liner pencil and position it vertically lined with the side of your nose. Tweeze your hair beyond this poin and between the eyes. To determine your brow’s end, use the same pencil and hold diagonally across the opposing corners of your nose, eye and mouth. Tweeze hairs beyond this point.

Determine your arch’s best location by holding a pencil diagonally so it crosses the outer part of your iris and middle of your nostril and mouth. Moderately tweeze from this point back toward where brow should start.

To add volume to brows, apply a matching eyeshadow with a slanted brush in short and gentle strokes. Invest in a pair of reliable tweezers. Stainless steel styles with a slant and good grip are best for brows as they grab shorter hairs and pull out hairs completely. Once brows are shaped, clean stray hairs with tweezers for a more defined look.

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