Lady Gaga is New Face of Shiseido Spring Campaign

If there’s one woman who knows how to make a statement, it’s Lady Gaga. For this reason and many more, beauty brand Shiseido has made a fine choice in summoning Gaga to serve as the face of their new Japanese campaign. The singer will also serve as the campaign’s photographer, being asked to snap a series of selfies that will appear in newspapers from January 1 through January 5. Fifty selfies, so little time. There’s not a doubt in our mind that Gaga’s turn at spokesperson is going to result in a magical time for Shiseido sales.

Who better to take the reins of a beauty campaign better than the queen of self-empowerment? She once told Stylist magazine:

“Sit in front of the mirror with all of the paints and colors and wigs that you have at your disposal, and just have a real talk with yourself.”

“What do I not like about me?’ And then, peer into the mirror – and just f—king draw right over it because that’s what makeup is here for, she added. “We’re not all perfect – it’s meant to be fun so we can bond as women, and say, ‘You know what? We don’t all feel perfect, but did you try that lipstick? It’s divine.'”

While normally the picture of self-confidence, it’s not always sunshine in the world of Gaga. The singer recently opened up to shock jockey Howard Stern about rumors she was raped early in her career.

“You know, I went through some horrific things,” the Grammy winner replied vaguely. “I’m able to laugh now because I’ve gone through a lot of mental and physical therapy and emotional therapy to heal over the years. My music’s been wonderful for me. But, you know, I was a shell of my former self at one point. I was not myself. To be fair, I was about 19…I went to Catholic school, and then all this crazy stuff happened, and I was going, ‘Oh, is this just the way adults are?'”



  1. Alexa J.

    May 19, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Gorgeous! Too bad i’m not in Japan.

  2. Amber

    May 20, 2019 at 6:02 am

    She is psycho but stunning lol

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