Liar, Liar: Hair Care Myths

Your hair stylist may be your favorite person in the world, but even the greats can sometimes be misinformed. The world of hair care is filled with myths and truths about how to best maintain your mane, so it’s up to you to know the difference. Chances are, you’ve been told a few fibs here and there, so we’re here to clear the hair for you. Don’t buy these haircare myths and you’ll be one step closer to the locks of your dreams.

Trim Every Six Weeks
You’ll have to excuse us if we refuse to dish out the dough for a trim once every couple of months. Call us frugal, but we just find it unnecessary. Unless you’re one who changes her hair color as often as she changes her socks, chances are your low-maintenance locks can go months without a trip to the salon.

Disclaimer: OK, it’s not entirely untrue. If you’re prone to split ends, you may want to keep them nice and trimmed to avoid a major problem before it’s too late and things get way out of control

Drugstore Products Are Lacking
While we may not skimp on shoes, we often find ourselves taking shortcuts when it comes to hair products. And we’ll admit, there’s something so, so comforting about that old Herbal Essences scent. Don’t let your stylist shame you into shelling out all your hard earned cash on fancy pants hair products. Just because these cost a fortune doesn’t mean they’re much better for your hair than the cheapy stuff. Above all, spend your money on a gentle shampoo — whether that be from Target or John Frieda.

Layers Make Hair Appear Thicker
While layers can certainly create the illusion that you’ve got more hair than you do, they’re not necessary for ladies lacking fine hair. Layers on top of fine hair does wonders, but doesn’t do as much good for gals with thick locks. The cut is what’s most important. Fine hair should always be cut dry as wet hair tends to clump together, leaving possible holes in your cut.

Washing Your Hair Every Day is a No-No
But, is it? We’ve been taught to give our hair a break from the harshness of chemicals, but much to our disappointment, those heated styling products are doing just as much damage. Wash all you want, but only if you air dry your hair as opposed to using a blow-dryer.



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    February 15, 2019 at 5:24 pm

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    February 20, 2019 at 7:10 pm

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