Luscious Lashes: How to Choose the Perfect Mascara Brush

Little known is the importance of the right mascara brush in accomplishing killer lashes that go on for days. Formula isn’t everything when it comes to eye makeup. To ensure you’re dealing with the right tools to glide the stuff on with perfection, follow these general rules of thumb.

First, you must realize that not all wands are created equal. They come in many shapes and sizes, altering their abilities. Some pick up plenty of mascara, others, not enough. Flexibility and bristle density are two other factors to watch out for to pull off the lashes of your dreams.

When it comes to brushes, size matters. The size of the brush should correlate to the size of your eyes. Medium sized wands densely packed with bristles and accompanied by a pointed tip are a safe bet for all eye shapes and sizes.

To pull off natural lashes, add a bit of volume and definition by opting for a tubular mascara wand. Focus mascara on the lash line if it’s a curl you want to create.

If it’s a precise definition you crave, a spiral brush that grabs and coats each lash ought to do thetrick. This make eyes appear humungous. Score!

What gal doesn’t love a little length with her lashes? Super short bristles allow you to get up closeand personal with each lash. Comb mascara evenly throughout, taking care not to wiggle, which can cause clumping.

Use densely bristled brushes to achieve lush, full and flushy lashes. Wiggle brush from root to the tip of the lash, which helps fully coat hairs in the product to plump them up. If it’s major drama you are after, long, tightly packed bristles on top of a rubber comb will bulk up fringe while rubber will allow you to mold lashes the way you wish.

Also, don’t forget those lovely lower lashes. A tiny brush used vertically is your best bet for applying to this tight spot. Now, go forth and let your fierce lashes fly.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stacy

    November 6, 2017 at 12:32 am

    The biggest take away from this I feel is using densely bristled brushes – as someone who deals with makeup for a living I find this to be vital when choosing the right brush.

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