Scarlett Rocks a Cropped ‘Do to Perfection

Well versed in the art of breaking hearts, Scarlett Johansson has brought grown man to tears as its been revealed the actress wed fiance in a secret ceremony back in October, just a month after giving birth to her first child, Rose Dorothy. MILF, much? This rebellious streak is just as evident in the ultra hot new look she was seen at the 24th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards. A cropped cut with an unmistakable rock n’ roll edge, this is one hot beauty look sure to cause a stir.

We’ve long heard of moms chopping their long, lustrous locks in favor of more practical styles, but we didn’t know it could look this sexy. Cropped hairstyles are nothing new, but we’re really digging this fabulously fierce twist on Scarlett. What to wear with this daring ‘do, you ask? The world is your oyster. We adore the way edgy cuts mesh with minimalist garments. A black low-cut blazer paired with leather leggings is a fabulous way to play up the androgynous effect of the cut. Use makeup and jewelry to make your desired statement. Cropped cuts provide the ideal black canvas to make a statement with makeup as it draws all attention to the face. Opt for a smokey eye and nude lip combination or a bright, bold lip and neutral eye to create a swoon-worthy look sure to impress even the grumpiest of guests.

Another hot way to complement a fierce cropped do? Go for the bold. Printed dresses are a great way to compile a fabulous look that begs to be seen. Whether a head-to-toe patterned look or a striking monochromatic ensemble, don’t be afraid to pair your ‘do with a bright burst of color.



  1. Drea Saenz

    I would love this but i’m such a wuss 🙁

  2. Lyza

    I really like this look on her!

  3. GlamGirl

    Only she could rock it.

  4. Lizbeth Gomez


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