Sock Bun Tutorial

By now we know that top knots are here to stay. This cute little hairstyle has been carving its place in the fashion world for the past few years and everyone from super models to fashion bloggers have been seen rocking this hairstyle. While it may seem like you need a ton of bobby pins, loads of hair spray and amazing precision to achieve this look, think again! All you need is an old (but clean!) sock, one hair tie, and a pin or two to achieve this look.

To start with, take a sock that you don’t mind cutting up, and that has been washed and cut off the top so that it’s open on both ends. If you want your bun to be bigger than use a long sock, if you want the bun to be small then use a medium or small sized sock. Now roll the sock so that it forms a donut like shape. You can also buy ready-made hair donuts at a lot of stores of if you have one of those, then skip the sock!

Now that your sock/donut is ready to go take your hair and tie it into a neat ponytail at the top of your head. The position of your pony tail will determine the position of your topknot so remember to place the ponytail where you want the bun. After you’ve put your hair in a ponytail take the sock and place it at the top of your ponytail. Roll the ends of your hair under the donut and make sure they’re tucked in securely. Now begin rolling the donut down your hair and tucking your hair in as you go. It may take a few tries so don’t worry if all the hair doesn’t tuck in initially.

Roll the donut down until you’ve gotten to the base of your hair and there you have it, your topknot is good to go! If there are any ends sticking out use a bobby pin to tuck them in or feel free to pull some more out to create a messier look like the one seen in the picture!


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