The Best Eyeliner Shades to Brighten Those Peepers

If eyes are the key to the soul, then doing your makeup just got a whole lot more complicated. We always find ourselves obsessing over the latest and greatest lip colors, but too often we ignore the eyeliners that have the power to make or break our entire look. Maximize the allure of your peepers by choosing a corresponding eyeliner that enhance, enlarge and brighten. Whether you’ve got green eyes or blue, your perfect eyeliner shade is just a scroll away.

Blue-eyed Gals
Choose a contrasting shade to bring out the best in your eye color. Metallics like copper and gold will make blue eyes appear bluer. Dot the inner corners of your eyes with. Warm metallic will pick up on little gold bits in your iris, which will really brighten cool blue peepers. Be sure to keep the liner close to your lash line, or just fill in the entire lid for a dramatic look that can’t be beat.

Green-eyed Gals
You may be skeptical of rocking red shades around your eyes for fear of looking like one of the undead, but there is plenty of chicness to be had with this approach. Red undertones will complement green eyes perfectly. Bronze, amethyst and Garnet are all stunning with green eyes. You may want to first line your lid in black to avoid the pink, tired look that can come from red eyeliner.

Hazel-eyed Gals
Hazel eyes are the best of both worlds, IMO. Use rich emerald green and gold shades to bring out the color. Neutral browns in warm tones are ideal for enhancing hazel eyes, as well. Just a hint of gold in the inner corner and the center of your lid can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a show-stopping look.

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