The Guide to Striped Nails

Nail art has been all the rage for the past few years now. From accent nails, to decals, to everything in between, every fashionista knows that no manicure is complete without some nail art. While it might seem like you have to spend a ton of money at the salon to get the perfect nail art look, this isn’t the case at all! Nail art can easily be recreated at home. It’s possible to create almost any kind of nail art with just a little bit of practice and a few simple tools that everyone always has lying around. With the number of Instagram and Youtube tutorials out there it’s become even easier to create nail art at home. Let’s start with a basic tutorial for how to create some cute striped nails like the ones seen in the picture above.

Choose two different nail polish colors that you want to apply. In the picture the model is wearing a watermelon pink with simple white. The contrast of the white makes the pink stand out. When choosing your two colors make sure you pick colors that complement each other. For spring some great combos would be mint and white, pink and yellow, or light blue and mint green. After you’re colors are selected it’s time to find some tape. You don’t need fancy nail tape or anything of that sort. Just grab any regular scotch tape you have in your drawers. Tear off a long straight piece and cut it into thin strips with a pair of scissors. Keep these strips close because you will need them in a few minutes.

Now it’s time to apply your first coat. As a general rule, it’s important to use the lighter color as the base color. So pick the lighter of the two colors and paint all of your nails as you regularly would. After you’ve painted them wait until they are completely dry. Don’t take any risks with them being even slightly wet because it will mess up the entire manicure.

After about fifteen minutes, it’s time to start working on the strips. Place the strips of tape on your nails. Position them where you want the stripes. After the tape is steadily on your nails, take your second color and paint over the tape. Wait until the polish is halfway dry and then pull off the tape. Voila, you have striped nails! While a top coat is always important, it’s even more important when it comes to striped nails. Make sure you apply a topcoat to keep the stripes in place! After you’ve applied your top coat, it’s time to show off your manicure!


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