The Makeup Artist’s Guide to Blush

Blush is one of those irreplaceable makeup products that no look is ever complete without. While you can get away with a neutral lip or a plain eye, skipping out on blush makes your whole look seem incomplete. The color that blush adds to one’s face gives an incredible dimension of freshness that can’t be replicated with any other makeup product. While blush is a pretty simple product there are a few details that you should know about it to ensure that you’re getting the best possible application for your face! Here’s what you should know about blush!
1) Find the right type
Blush comes in dozens of different forms. There’s powder, cream, liquid, just to name a few. These varieties exist because different skin types respond better to one type of blush than they do to another. Powder blush tends to last longer and look better on people with oily skin. For those with dry skin, cream blush is the way to go. In general powder blush gives a stronger finish whereas cream blush gives a dewier look. Make sure to keep that in mind next time you go shopping!
2) Find the perfect color
When it comes to blush the one thing more important than the texture is the color. Blush doesn’t just have to be pink contrary to popular belief. There are dozens of shades available ranging from peach to plum. Find the perfect shade for your skin tone by using the help of a makeup expert at stores like Sephora or Ulta beauty. They’ll be able to match your skin tone perfectly and keep you from looking too rosy or washed out!
3) Application
There are a few mistakes you can make when it comes to applying blush. In order to ensure that your cheekbones look high and your face looks perfectly flushed, smile and apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks and on your cheek bone, not below it.
4) The right brush
Choose the right applicator for your blush to ensure it goes on well. If you’re using a powder use a large fluffy blush to ensure you get the best application. If you’re using a cream blush use a sponge or your finger.
5) Finishing Off
Finish off your blush with a bit of highlighter and contouring as needed and be ready to wow the crowds with your beauty!


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