The Perfect Winged Eye Liner

All of girls know that winged eyeliner has been all the rage for the past few years. It seems that no make up look, no matter how beautiful, is complete without a swipe of winged eyeliner. While winged eyeliner looks amazing when it’s on, it can be tricky to get the application just right. Nothing looks worse than smudged or messy eyeliner so it’s important to know how to apply it correctly.

First of all, it’s crucial to choose the right eyeliner. It’s difficult to get a precise wing with a pencil so choose a liquid or gel liner instead. There are some really great, cost friendly options on the market so make sure you look around. NYC makes a liquid liner with a great tip that costs less than $2.00!

After you’ve chosen your liner, its time to apply it. When lining your lids its best to rest your arm on something steady so that the lines don’t mess up. Start with the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards. Don’t be afraid to go slowly if it helps you from making a mistake. It’s better to take extra time while applying than having to go back and do it all over again because you messed up the first time.

Another technique to use if you’re worried about lining your lids is to make small dashes and then connect them. This will help you achieve the perfect line!

Make sure you’ve lined both of your lids before you begin your wings. By doing the wings separately you’ll get a more even look on both sides. The best thing you can do to get a perfect wing is to take any credit card or id card that you have lying around and place it diagonally against the outer corner of your eye. Now take your eyeliner and apply it along that line. You’ll get a never fail wing every time with this technique.

Once you have the base of your wings down, you can exaggerate them by thickening the line or by filling in the outer corner of your eye with more eyeliner. There are hundreds of ways to customize the look but the most important part is getting the initial lines to be straight!

Now that you’ve mastered the perfect winged eyeliner be prepared to be flooded with compliments!

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