The Top Tips for Sizzling Summer Makeup

It’s no secret that with a change of season our makeup and sartorial choices change as well. Winter is all about warm, cozy sweaters and summer is all about light fabrics, strappy dresses, and pared down yet sophisticated looks. It’s important to update our makeup choices to match these looks. While plum nails and red lips might be your go to for the colder months, they look out of place and harsh in the summer. We’ve come up with some tips to make sure that your summer makeup is on point and ready to impress.

1. Skip the Base

While you might layer on foundation during the rest of the year, leave it off entirely during the summer. The hot temperatures mean that there’s a greater chance of melting off your face. Also, hot temperatures plus lots of makeup equate to lots of acne which is something you certainly don’t want to be dealing with during the summer. Stick to a concealer and focus on the areas that need coverage. Leave everything else as it is and you’ll be good to go!

2. Leave lipstick behind

Like we mentioned above, summer is a time to lighten up on the makeup. Don’t bog down your lips with heavy lipsticks that will be sure to dry them out. Try one of the many alternative products that are out there. Use a lip stain, lip balm, or lip gloss instead. These products will give you some color and leave you with a light, summer appropriate look you’ll be sure to love!

3. Carry Blotting Paper

The summer months are conducive to oilier skin because of the heat. In order to fight the oily look carry a packet of blotting paper with you and blot whenever you feel necessary. It will instantly take care of the oil on your skin and make you look more put together in seconds.

4. Bronze/Highlight

Summer is the perfect time of the year to experiment with bronzer and highlighter especially if you’re going out at night. Remember not to go overboard because you want the look to be natural rather than fake. Dab on a light amount to start with and if you feel the need, you can always add more later!


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