The Ultimate Makeup Artist’s Guide to Foundation

Anyone who uses makeup knows that the ultimate way to transform your appearance is by applying a layer of foundation. Foundation is one of the most integral parts of any makeup routine. It has the power to transform your skin from ordinary to radiant. It forms the base for the rest of your makeup and has a huge impact on how it sits and looks on your face. If these aren’t enough reasons to convince you how important foundation is then think about this, foundation has the power to make you break out if used incorrectly. It forms a layer over your skin and if the layer isn’t the right consistency or type it can cause major issues with acne. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the foundation you are using is right for you. Here are a few tips to help you not only choose the right foundation but to ensure that it keeps your skin healthy.

1) Always hydrate before applying

Have you ever noticed those people whose makeup seems to be flaking off of their skin? It’s definitely not an attractive look to say the least. It can ruin the entire appearance of their face and make you look worse with makeup than you do without. The main way you can avoid this is by hydrating your skin before you apply foundation. This is important for everyone but especially crucial for those with dry skin. When your skin is dry or flaky your makeup will accentuate those flakes rather than cover them up. Always apply a thick layer of your most hydrating face cream before you apply your foundation. Let the cream soak into your skin for around 30 seconds and the begin your application. This will set the perfect base for your makeup and ensure that you are flake free!

2) Identify your skin type

There are different types of foundations for different skins for a reason. Not every skin type responds well to one type of foundation. Make sure to identify your skin type before buying a foundation. If you have oily skin go with a foundation that’s designed for you. If you have dry skin choose a foundation that hydrates.

3) Match your color

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when applying their foundation is not matching their skin color to their makeup. There are other makeups that will help you look closer to your desired skin color but foundation is not one of them. One way to avoid buying the wrong color is by matching your makeup directly to the skin on your face rather than to your hand like most people do. This is the safest way to buy the correct color. And if your foundation color differs from the color of your neck make sure to blend so that they are not two different colors.


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